An Open Letter To St. Louis Race Rioters

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As someone who makes a living reporting the news, I have followed the Mike Brown shooting and the subsequent riots in great detail for the last week. Right off the bat, one thing was very apparent to me which I have not heard anyone touch on yet. I have been asking myself the same question for the last seven days, as businesses have been looted and violent protests rage on at all hours of the night. Here is that question: Don’t these people have jobs? How are they finding all this spare time to march, protest, riot, loot, and throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement?

The answer to my question is glaringly clear: they don’t have jobs.

Now, if I didn’t have to work full-time to put food on the table for my family, I might do a number of things. I might go get my nails done, take my sons to the zoo or even go on a date with my husband. I certainly would not waste my time – the most precious commodity in the world – harassing law enforcement and devastating an entire Midwest town all in the name of a boy who has been outed as nothing more than a common criminal.

I feel that because it is my hard-earned tax dollars which are paying the welfare checks and the food stamp benefits these individuals require in order to waste their time rioting, that I should, at the very least, get to voice my opinion regarding the mess they have created. Luckily for me, I’m a journalist, so I have the platform to bring my opinion to lots of folks. I hope that as other blue collar American tax-payers read this, they feel as though their sentiments are being echoed, because I cannot think of anything more frustrating than the fact that folks like you and I are working our asses off everyday to foot the bill for these lazy thugs.

If you’re a liberal reading this, you probably think I’m a racist. That’s fine, I don’t give two shits what you think. But know this – I hold the same contempt for white people who mooch off the government. This is not about skin color, it’s about a mentality which is keeping that black community down.

To the St. Louis race rioters, here are some things you could be doing which would amount to far better uses of your time:

  1. Look for a job.
  2. Go to school.
  3. Get involved in the lives of your children – this one thing would solve a lot of the issues within your community. Your youths are joining gangs, doing drugs and going to prison because they do not have healthy adult guidance. Plain and simple.
  4. Think. Use your brain instead of your fists. Sit and ponder why it is that your community gets a bad rap. Once you figure that out …
  5. Change. If you want people to stop locking their car doors when you walk by, if you want cops to stop assuming you are a criminal before they even speak to you, if you are tired of women holding their breaths as you walk past; then be the change you want to see. Don’t just sit around and gripe about how the white man is holding the black man down, because that’s a bunch of leftists BS manufactured by Democrats who want to keep you in the palm of their hands. Do something about your situation.

I realize how unlikely it is that the black community of St. Louis, Missouri will head any of my advice. It’s much easier to cash their welfare checks each month and pop out a few more fatherless children than to earn a college degree or work 40+ hours a week to provide for their families.

Still, I figured there are at least a couple patriots out there who will enjoy an opinion on these riots which is well-informed and does not conform to the lame stream media’s agenda. To other Americans out there who hold tight to their God and guns, who refuse to take a handout, but rather offer a hand up to others in need: God bless you. You are the glue that holds this country together.


Jodi Swan

(Along with the rest of the fearless defenders of good, old-fashioned American values, here at Mr. Conservative)


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