DOJ Knew Of Brown Robbery Video, Told Police To Withhold From Public

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Although many on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri are claiming that the release of the Michael Brown robbery tape is just a bit too convenient it seems that this may actually boil down to more race baiting. According to reports, the Department of Justice, had full knowledge of the video and told the police to withhold it from the public deeming it “inflammatory.”

The news comes from MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor who made the announcement trying to spin the crisis near St. Louis on the tapes. As it is well known, the demonstrations, protests, riots and looting was occurring far before the release of the video – leave it to a Lib to try and pull that BS off.



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Release of this news only goes to show just how involved the current administration is in the Mike Brown issue and what their intentions really are. After all, who are they to withhold critical evidence that may have significantly curbed the public’s opinion and even prevented the outrage in the first place?


Furthermore, it seems that yet another entity found themselves no longer able to remain under the pressure of the corruption that consumes the current administration as the video was purportedly released against the DOJ’s direction to withhold it. What do you think of this – did the DOJ have any right to keep this evidence from the American people?

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