New Videos Of Drunk DA Shows Exactly Why Rick Perry Wanted Her To Resign

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Although news of Rick Perry’s indictment is spreading like wildfire as Liberals love any opportunity for a good old right wing bashing party, it seems that there’s something they’d rather the public didn’t see. Showing just what kind of embarrassment the District Attorney was on the night of her arrest, with the newly released video, it’s clear why Perry wanted her to resign.

As those who execute the law and prosecute criminals, it isn’t very becoming of an authoritative figure to be discovered to break the law on occasion themselves. Seeing how this was the case, and that Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg represented the law, after learning of her DUI, Perry tried to have her immediately resign rather than place a blemish on the Texas law enforcement system.

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Of course, initial requests were declined, Perry turned to more aggressive measures which, as of recently, have been deemed illegal. By threatening the DA that he would do everything in his power to cut funding, he crossed a line that violated the Texas Constitution.

Take a peek at the video above and let us know – is this a woman who you would view as fit to prosecute others for their crimes? Is there any wonder as to why Perry would want this woman immediately removed from her position?

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