Reporter Captures Ferguson Rioter Shooting Woman On Tape

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In an astounding video, Ferguson seems to be intensifying despite a lessened police presence in the area. Despite officers having a less heavy hand in diffusing the protests, it seems that those looking to maliciously commit crimes while hidden amongst those out demonstrating their outrage are becoming more brazen.

In a new video, while standing a mere 20 yards away from the incident, a reporter had his camera rolling as one rioter discharged his weapon, shooting a woman in the thigh.

According to Progressives Today:

At approximately 12:45 AM August 15, a citizen journalist was documenting the scene when shots rang out.

A woman had been shot in the thigh on Canfield Drive. She was taken to the hospital. No arrests were made.

The scene starts at about the 14:30 mark where viewers hear:

“This is at the intersection of W. Floriassant & Canfield is where I’m at right now.”

(BANG, Woman Screams, BANG)

“And there’s gunshots”

“People are runnining. That was like 20 yards away from me.”

Is there anything that can be done to quell criminals from acting in such a way, or do we just have to let the clock run on this allowing everyone to voice their outrage and eventually just go home?

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