Obama Sends “Marshals” To “Coach” Protesters In Ferguson

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As Obama and his administration of race baiting and pot stirring thugs continue to operate from behind the protection of the willingly ignorant mainstream media, it appears as though they’re settling in for the long haul. According to a recent report, Obama, in league with Holder and the DOJ, have sent over some “marshals,” to assist in Ferguson, by “coaching” protesters.

The Daily Caller explains that according to Ferguson mayor James Knowles:

Two Department of Justice “protest marshals” are in Ferguson, Mo., to help train people taking part in demonstrations over the fatal police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

As the news portrays – along with their best rhetorical justification – what’s truly going on, it doesn’t take much to see that many are taking advantage of the situation. As some who are just angry, and others who wish to act in violence come forward under the safety of darkness, the community has been thrust into chaos.

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Actions from Obama and Holder have only further intensified emotions as rioters become more dangerous by the day – sprinkle a bit of Sharpton and Jackson in there and you have the perfect powder keg just waiting to explode.

Along with this, the Missouri governor has also announced that St. Louis Police have been relieved of their duties wherein state and Federal officers will be taking over.   As it stands, it appears as though the current administration wants all out control over this situation as it unfolds.

The fact that they’re sending in a few goons to direct the masses only further goes to confirm this. What do you guys think – could there be another reason as to why Obama and Holder would send in men in this fashion?

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