New Trend Among Gun-Grabbers: Temporary Confiscation

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Americans For Responsible Solutions, the hair-brained leftwing anti-gun group run by Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, has released a new report. It details five points to reduce gun violence, four of which include the temporary confiscation of firearms.

The report suggests authorizing “law enforcement to remove access to guns, with court oversight and plenty of protections to prevent abuse of this authority.” But don’t worry, because they promise to give your guns back when you are “no longer a danger.” They conveniently leave out the part about who gets to decide when you are no longer a threat, which would make it appear as though they do not intend to return guns to their rightful owners at all.

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Giffords and Kelly would also “require schools, including colleges and universities, to report violent or suicidal people to a court or administrating agency.” Those who fit into this category “could regain their firearms access…after a certain period of time.” Does this sound as sketchy to you as it does to me?

Furthermore, the report advocates allowing “courts to issue ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders,'” which is currently a poplar idea in California. If a gun control measure was born in California, that’s a good indicator that it’s bogus.

Finally, Giffords and Kelly say we should “temporarily ban those who have been involuntarily hospitalized from purchasing or possessing firearms.”

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H/T: Breitbart

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