BREAKING: Video Released Of Mike Brown Robbing Convenience Store

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As we previously reported, there is a surveillance camera video that purports to show Mike Brown robbing a convenience store clerk just minutes before his death. As only stills of the video were previously released, now video has hit the web and is going viral.

According to reports, Mike Brown entered the store, took a stack of cheap cigars (Swisher Sweets) and made for the door. When approached by the attending clerk – who is also the owner – and was told he had to pay for them, Brown shoved him out of the way and headed for the door.

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Feel free to watch the entire clip below:

This is where the recently revealed Darren Willson answered the call and found Brown eventually taking his life.

Take a peek at the video and let us know what you think – does this change the narrative of the Brown incident, or is this just a smear campaign?

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