Pole Dancing Set To Be World’s Newest Olympic Sport

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Pole dancing has risen to popularity in recent years as a bonafide sport, and now those involved want Olympic recognition.

Housewives love pole dancing studios where they can break a sweat and learn a few sexy moves in the meantime. There are even those who compete in the sport already.

A petition to make pole dancing a part of the 2016 Olympics has been circulating on change.org. It reads:

“Pole dancing should be made an Olympic Sport because it meets the fine Olympic criteria for athletics and athletic competition. It takes Agility, Acrobatics, Aerobics, Balance, Choreography, Determination, Dance, Energy, Engagement, Flexibility, Focus, Floor Work, Foot Work, Gymnastics, Grace. Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit, Poise, Physical Fitness, Rhythm, Upper And Lower Body Strength, Core Strength, Hand Strength, Stamina, Style, Yoga, Showmanship, And So Much More. The Time is here for 2016. The Time Is Now And The Time Is Ours! In all fairness please show the same respect for the complex sport of Pole Dance, Pole Fitness and Pole Dancers as we do for all other forms of human physical sporting endeavors.”

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Response to the petition has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you’ve ever seen a really good pole dancer – I’m not talking about the kind working for $56 a night at Dirty Joe’s – then you know how athletic they are. Some of the things those people can do are definitely worthy of the Olympics. They display immense strength to hoist their body weight up the pole and impressive gymnastic abilities as well. Additionally, lots of men participate in this form of exercise, which is a little known fact.

Do you think that pole dancing should be the world’s next Olympic sport? Or does it just have too much of a sleazy reputation? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Breitbart

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