BREAKING: Police Report Released, Mike Brown Suspect In Robbery

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New information is developing since this morning where Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released the name of the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown. According to a recently released police document, Brown was the “primary suspect” a “strong-arm” robbery that occurred just minutes before his death.

According to the release given this morning, the name of the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown was Darren Wilson. Furthermore, Jackson conveyed that Wilson was on the force for 6 years and had no disciplinary actions on his record.

Jackson also said that Wilson, as well as a few other responding officers, were canvassing the neighborhood after investigating an area convenience store that had just been robbed. A released police report shares that Brown was the “primary suspect” in the “strong-arm robbery.”


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The report further notes that, “Brown got physical with the convenience store employee over cigars he was trying to steal,” according to CBS St. Louis. Apparently a description of the thieves, given by the convenience store clerk, was sent out over dispatch where Wilson was sent looking as he was in the area on another call.


He and Mike Brown’s confrontation began at 12:01 p.m. where another officer showed up just three minutes later. Wilson was later treated for injuries sustained by Brown during the scuffle at a nearby hospital.

Along with the report, as we’ve previously reported, surveillance camera stills from the convenience store robbery have also been released in which Brown is pictured.


Take a peek at the evidence put forth by police and let us know – does this paint an entirely different picture of Brown and the events of that afternoon, or is this narrative just too convenient?

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