Welfare Queen Who Got Free Breast Implants Now Asking Public For Nose Job

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The woman growing to be known as the face for all welfare queens is at it again. After already having received breast implants paid for in full by tax payers, Josie Cunningham, 23, is now asking the public to fund yet another plastic surgery operation – she wants a nose job.

Cunningham is a former escort who seems to care for no one but herself and ensuring she gets paid on the first of every month. Her lifestyle thus far has been indicative of such and her recent actions only go to further solidify these claims.


The leech of society has already managed to convince the National Health Service (NHS), Britain’s equivalent to Medicaid (welfare insurance paid for entirely by the taxpayer), to grant her with a £4,800 breast surgery, enlarging her 32A breasts to 36DD. She furthermore has undergone Botox treatments paid for by taxpayers because of a “sweat problem.”

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Now though, she’s not only asking tax payers to give her a new nose, but actually wants them to personally pay for it, out of pocket. According to Cunningham, she’s demanding those who “whinge” about her nose to, “put their money where their mouth is” and buy her a brand new one.


That’s right – the freeloader has even set up a website in which people can do just that and donate to her noble cause. Sick of the comparison to her nose to that of the Muppets’ Miss Piggy, she’s declared her intent to have hers shaped to more resemble that of a, “cross between Michelle Keegan and Jennifer Aniston.”


Showing just how obsessed she is with filling her pockets over all else – including her dignity – she’s even selling “tickets” to those who would like to attend the live birth of her child. Given that her baby is due in October, she is selling 50 spots via a live feed of the birth of her child at £200 a pop.

Furthermore, she’s already sold four “ringside seats” for a whopping £30,000 where three journalists and one “super-fan” will be in the room at the time of the birth.


Feel free to let this woman – or scum of society – have it in the comments below.

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