Protesters Shooting At Police During Ferguson Riots

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The nights following the death of Michael Brown have been nothing short of chaos as riots ensue. A shocking announcement has been made recently by the Fergusen Police Chief himself who explains that police have been subjected to incoming fire at the hands of rioters.

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While discussing the nights’ events, Ferguson Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson explained to Sean Hannity that despite not a single protester being injuring during the demonstrations, police have encountered their fair share of violence. Speaking on the matter, the dialogue consisted of:

Police Chief Thomas Jackson: We haven’t had a single protester injured. The only injuries have been to police officers. One had his ankle broken by a brick… I think this was the first time we had a firebomb thrown at us but we have taken gunfire pretty much every night…

Hannity: You’ve taken gunfire. Meaning shots have been fired at officers?

Chief Jackson: Yes. Myself included.

As the likes of Obama and Sharpton continue to fuel the flames of racial tension, what can be done to quell such violence? If those, acting in a cowardly manner as they only surface as darkness falls upon the town, are only furthermore enabled by authoritative figures when will the madness stop?

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