Petition To Fire Fox Anchor Who Called Williams A Coward Taking Off

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In the wake of iconic comedian Robin Williams’ suicide, the media has been very lenient regarding his drug and alcohol abuse. The actor had just left rehab a month prior to taking his own life and it has been revealed that he was severely depressed. All of these factors likely contributed to his untimely death.

The media has largely stayed away from chastising Williams over his drug abuse and for taking the easy way out by killing himself. As we reported earlier this week, 22 veterans commit suicide everyday, but you don’t hear the media heralding them, despite the fact that they have actually witnessed things which would justify being suicidal.

Fox News anchor Shep Smith decided to speak his mind on Robin Williams’ suicide, even though his opinion differs from that of the lame stream media. Shocking, I know.

Smith called Williams a coward for taking his own life and immediately liberals began to foam at the mouth. In response to Smith’s remark, a petition has been started by a woman named Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, who is the founder of, to have the Fox News anchor fired.

The petition reads:

“Set an example and fire Shep Smith for his insensitive comments to Robin Williams death. Require that staff take sensitivity training on mental illness and suicide.”

Kauffman’s goal was for the petition to garner 250,000 signatures and it has already gotten 268,289. Of course, it’s just a bunch of whacky liberals signing the thing – you know, the same people who have no respect for the Constitution, the same people who use the First Amendment to their advantage and then squawk when anybody else does the same.

What do you think of this petition to get Sep Smith fired? It’s my guess that Fox News has laughed the whole thing off. Give us your take in the comments section!

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