Racial Tensions Spreading Nationwide, Mike Brown Rally To Occur In NJ

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As the likes of Al Sharpton and Barack Obama continue to inject themselves in a situation in which they cannot help, the fires of racial tensions are being fanned across the map. Most recently, a rally has been scheduled to occur in Newark, NJ where demonstrators will band together in protest for Michael Brown.

Earlier today we reported that the hactivist group known as Anonymous has called for a national day of rage in which they are urging every American to go outside and protest against the officer that killed Michael Brown. It appears as though people are listening as a rally is set to occur in front of City Hall tonight in Newark, NJ amongst other places.

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Spokesperson for the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, Zayid Muhammad, explains that the group is set to meet on the steps at 7 p.m. tonight.

What do you think about all this – do these rallies and protests actually help in the long run, or do they just present an unnecessary nuisance preventing officers from doing their jobs and further endangering civilians? Let us know your thoughts on what Obama, his administration, and Anonymous are trying to accomplish in the comments below.

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