ANONYMOUS Hactivist Group Calls for National Day of Rage

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As outrage continues to spiral out of control over the death of Michael Brown and the events that occurred on the night of his death, it seems that the hacker group Anonymous wants to incite further violence. According to their most recent release, the group is calling for all Americans to leave their homes in a “national day of rage.”

In the video, it states that, “The media will have you believe that these protesters are looters and criminals. This is certainly not the case,” however the owners of the local QuikTrip would more than likely beg to differ.


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The video’s description reads:

We call upon the citizens of the United States to rise up and stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson. They are currently fighting for their right to peacefully protest. The media will have you believe that these protesters are looters and criminals. This is certainly not the case. As we’ve seen tonight with our own eyes, the police began preemptively striking the protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bangs. We’ve seen journalists assaulted and arrested, targeted by tear gas and rubber bullets, and told to turn off their cameras and move away or be subject to arrest. We witnessed as police threatened demonstrators to DISPERSE AND RETURN TO THEIR HOMES, and then firing tear gas in people’s own yards.

We cannot sit still and watch this happen. It is our time to get off our chairs, turn off the TV, and make ourselves heard. Let us all stand in solidarity with Mike Brown, the people of Ferguson, and every single person that was brutalized, and brutally murdered by so-called authorities.

Anonymous plans to assist with protests by leaving our keyboards and going on the ground with the people. Our collective will join those who demonstrate on the streets.

For those of you curious to see if a riot will soon be breaking out in your area, feel free to take a peek here at all the organized events thus far.

Will this help to raise national awareness and in such obligate officials to divulge the truth, or will this kind of calling only aggravate the situation more?

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