Vietnam Vet Visits Ferguson Riots, Reveals What Leftwing Media Won’t

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David Hoech is a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran. As a retired man who lost his wife a year ago, he spends his days following the news. Hoech lives just 60 miles from where black activists are violently protesting in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, so he decided to visit the scene of all the chaos to get a look for himself. What Hoech found was different than what he had seen on the news. He told Glenn Beck:

“Well, I’ve been involved in watching things. And when you go there sometimes, it’s not what you see. I went and talked to people, and they were all very nice. Of course, there are some people [who are] the agitators. I said, ‘If you see Al [Sharpton] tell him to go back to the east coast.’ He’s only here because the TV cameras are here. And [the people] said, ‘Right, he should leave.’ So that’s not just the mayor [saying that]. That’s some of the protesters.”

Apparently, the black community is starting to catch wind of the fact that the Reverend Al Sharpton has been using them all along for publicity and cash. Conservatives aren’t the only ones who can’t stand that race-baiting chump, but you won’t hear that from the lame stream media.

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When Hoech first arrived in Ferguson, the police tried to turn him away, perhaps fearing for his safety among the throngs of black protesters. But the brave veteran was undeterred:

“I said, ‘I want to go and talk to the people.’ They said, ‘You’re not going back there.’ I said, ‘This is America. I’ll do what I want, and I’ll go where I want… You’re just going to have to shoot me because I’m going.’ And I did. They said, ‘We’re going to put this guy to walk with you.’ And I said, ‘No, I’ll walk myself.’ But they were polite.”

You’ve got to love this old man. He also told Glenn Beck that most of the outrage in the American people is being manufactured by the leftwing media, like CNN. Do you agree with Hoech? Sound off in the comments section!

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