Holder Unleashes Same Group In Missouri That “Inflamed” Trayvon Case

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Despite the fact that justice is supposed to be blind, that notion has all been thrown out the window under the current administration as both Obama and Holder blatantly and openly fuel racial tensions all the while displaying their entitled mentality. Unfortunately only more proof of this has come to light as Attorney General Eric Holder recently dispatched the same group responsible for the inflammation during the Trayvon Martin Case to Ferguson, Missouri.

News of the ironic decision comes from Judicial Watch where President Tom Fitton explains, “Eric Holder’s Justice Department is unfortunately not to be trusted on racial matters.” Earlier this week, Holder announced that there will be a vigorous investigation into the matters leading up to and including the death of Michael Brown.

The irony here however seems to be the only reason Holder ever comes out from the comforts of his office and takes a break from fending off the many attacks pertaining to Obama’s scandals, is when a racial fire needs a bit more stoking. Fitton further describes that Holder, “has a record of racially inflammatory rhetoric that is extreme in ideology and cynical in its politics.”

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He eventually went on to conclude, “The idea that this Justice Department could be trusted to mediate is highly suspect.” As racial tensions run high, the likes of Holder and his biased actions are not what this nation, or the residents of Ferguson, Missouri need to calm society.

In all reality, Fitton demonstrates that, Holder and his group do, “not operate in a race-neutral manner.” Outside of the ethical and moral debate regarding Holder’s actions and intent, Judical review is also interested in, “How much money is being spent? How many employees are being used? What are their talking points?”

There has been no shortage of racial tension amongst the time of Obama, but how much more must the American people be subject to before they say enough is enough. Race should not be involved in this discussion as it should more entail the actions, and the debated authoritative overstep, of the officer who killed Michael Brown.

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