Activists Busing Blacks To Riot In Ferguson, Throw Molotov Cocktails At Police

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There has definitely been quite a few strange claims to come out during the past few days regarding Mike Brown and the officer who shot him, but it appears that some are taking advantage of the pain in the community. Most recently discovered, black activists groups have been busing “protesters” to the town resulting in even more chaos and destruction.


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Apparently the group bussed in from Chicago were members of a communist organization and were eager to become violent at their first opportunity. According to TNC:

Their reported goal is to make the protests go super-violent, spread across the region, and spark a revolution. They are said to visibly stand out from the local protesters in how they respond to police and intimidate reporters when photos and video are taken of them. Expect to hear more about this in the coming days.

They reportedly did just as they were ordered as several were seen wreaking havoc, provoking physical confrontation with police and even hurling Molotov cocktails at officers.


What do you think – are some taking this too far? Should the public have even arrived at a general consensus given this officer hasn’t had the luxury of a trial at this point? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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