Obama Condones St. Louis Riots, Says They Are “Constitutional”

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At a press conference on Thursday, Obama took a break from the golf course to make a statement on the situation in Iraq, as well as the chaos going on in Ferguson, Missouri. As usual, he sided with the black community, going so far as to say that the violent rioters must be allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to protest.

Obama chastised the efforts of St. Louis law enforcement, saying, “Police have clashed with people protesting.” Obviously, when people are becoming violent and start destroying property, it is law enforcement’s job to step in. But Obama sees things differently. He went on the say:

“The Department of Justice is also consulting with local authorities about ways that they can maintain public safety without restricting the right of peaceful protest and while avoiding unnecessary escalation. I made clear to the Attorney General that we should do what is necessary to help determine exactly what happened and to see that justice is done.”

We all know that there has been nothing peaceful about these riots. People have been arrested and businesses have been decimated by violent looters, but Obama wants to make sure that the rights of black people to reenact Planet of the Apes are not infringed.

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The fact the Obama has tasked Eric Holder with investigating the Michael Brown shooting means that the investigation will be biased from the start. Someone who has made a career out of race-baiting and pushing a racist agenda cannot possibly be expected to look at this situation objectively.

Obama continued:

“Of course, it’s important to remember how this started. We lost a young man, Michael Brown, in heartbreaking, tragic circumstances. He was 18-years-old. His family will never hold Michael in their arms again. When something like this happens, the local authorities, including the police, have the responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death and how they are protecting the people in their communities.”

This statement is laughable coming from the man who has led what is arguably the least “transparent” administration in the history of American government.

The ‘Constitutional scholar’ went on:

“There is also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests, or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights. Here in the United States of America, police should not be bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs and report to the American people what they see on the ground. Put simply, we all need to hold ourselves to a high standard, particularly those of us in a position of authority.”

The amount of hypocrisy Obama displays in just three sentences boggles the mind. Apparently, it’s not ok for the police to use excessive force against black people, but they are free to do so when it comes to white people. In addition, his administration has been responsible for censoring journalists and retaliating against reporters who reveal the truth from day one. Furthermore, is Obama really lecturing us on holding ourselves to a higher standard?! He’s vacationing as the world burns! C’mon!

Obama closed the press conference by saying that, “we are united in common values.” I would have to disagree, as my values include things like God, guns and family, while his include things like Allah and welfare. Finally, Obama divulged that there is a “need for accountability when it comes to our government.” No shit.

Do you think Obama would have given Michael Brown any attention if he had been white? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. Tell us what you think about the statements Obama made during his most recent press conference in the comments section!

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