A Case For Bryan Willman

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As the rioters continue to destroy their own towns as the cowards hide amongst those who peacefully protest it seems that danger lurks around every corner. As the name and photo of the officer that shot and killed Michael Brown has been released at the hand of the hactivist group Anonymous, a case must be made for Officer Bryan Willman.


In order to raise support in effort of such, a Facebook page in support of Willman and his right to a trial before conviction. Those who feel so inclined, can feel free to visit and like it here as it is quickly gathering likes.

On the page, several of the rioters have already made death threats against the page administrators.

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The irony is laughable; those wishing death upon Williams’ supporters are the same people who are furious over what they view as an unjustified killing.

Those rioting and inciting violence seem to be too cowardly to show their face as they operate from within the crowd of peaceful protestors and only come out when darkness has set upon their town. Knowing full well they act in violation of the law, they do so willingly and maliciously wreaking havoc wherever they can.

As the photo of Officer Willman has since been released, an even greater target has been painted on he and his family’s back that could result in the deaths of innocents. As many people believe that Michael Brown was one such innocent, if we take an objective look at the facts, this reality, as painted by the mainstream media, may yet again not be as accurate as one would hope.

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More and more witnesses are coming out and as each does, it seems they further back the narrative given by the responding officer (Willman) as well as his police department. As the story seems to align, we’re getting a clearer and clearer picture of what exactly happened that day.

Michael Brown and a friend were walking down the middle of the street when they were approached by an officer who told them to get on the sidewalk. For some reason, Brown decided to enter into a verbal altercation with the officer prompting the two to stand close enough to each other they were within striking distance.

According to the most recent reports, Willman was struck in the face so hard that it resulted in swelling after the matter and Willman drew his firearm as a result. Upon seeing this, Brown went after the gun and physically wrestled with the officer through the window as they both sought control over the weapon – a narrative that has been backed by eyewitness statement.


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Amongst the struggle, the firearm discharged resulting in Brown turning and trying to run, but as Willman’s adrenaline was still sky high from trying to defend his life just milliseconds before, he continued firing. Despite Brown raising his hands in the air, the officer was intent on ensuring the preservation of his own life as just seconds before this reality was unsure.

Yet again, society, in league with the main stream media and race baiters like Al Sharpton, has Willman ready to hang for crimes that have not been proven in a court of law. We here in America live by a strict set of rules, as well as rights, guaranteeing the accused to a trial by his peers in which it must be proven, beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty of his alleged crimes.

Unfortunately, Willman has not been granted these rights as he’s not even yet been able to tell his side of the story himself. What do you think of this – is it starting to become more clear the difference between the truthful narrative and that in which the mainstream media would like for you to believe?

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