Friends Give Shocking Insight Into Robin Williams’ Last Days

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The tragic and untimely death of Robin Williams has shocked just about everyone from coast to coast. Although many Americans remember all the laughs brought about by one single man, his friends tell of the darker reality that consumed Williams’ last days.

Although Williams was highly successful, like us all, he had his downfalls as well where his demons consisted of manic depression, as well as substance abuse (cocaine and alcohol). Although he remained busy for the 18 months preceding his unfortunate death, it seems that the things that were formerly distracting him from his addiction were falling apart.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

In recent months — as Williams wrestled with the cancellation of his CBS TV series “The Crazy Ones” and fought to maintain a sobriety that had at times proved fragile…

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Those who were close to the comedic genius helplessly took note of the sudden and drastic decline. Friend and fellow comedian, Rick Overton, noted, “He started to disconnect. He wasn’t returning calls as much. He would send texts and things like that, but they would get shorter and shorter.”

Yet another comedian, Steven Pearl, who also happened to be close to Williams said that the two met at a barbeque in the San Francisco Bay Area where he said he noticed something was off. Pearl explained, “You could just tell something was off, he seemed detached. It’s hard to explain. He didn’t seem like his usual self. My fiancée and I were like, ‘Is he OK?’ I didn’t know it would get this dark.”

Despite this being a shock on the nation, it appears as though this inevitability was noticed as the star declined during his last days. What do you think – should someone have said something? If they had, would it have made a difference?

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