BOMBSHELL: Eye-Witness Reveals Mike Brown Assaulted Cop

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A woman who witnessed the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was interviewed after the incident by a local journalist. What she said may be the most incriminating evidence we’ve found so far that Michael Brown assaulted the officer who shot him. The video was posted on the Facebook page of a man named Jermel Mccrea. The woman appears to admit in the beginning that Brown hurt the officer’s leg.

“Must have hit his leg or something … hurt him … I don’t know what the hell happened. But I know he shot that child. And when he shot him, the little boy fell. And then he shot him six more times. And, you know, the police was in the car.”

This account also seems to corroborate law enforcement’s story that there was an altercation in the police cruiser before shots were fired, as the woman claims that the officer was inside of the vehicle when he shot Brown.

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