Leaked St. Louis Dispatch Tapes From Day Of Mike Brown Shooting

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Anonymous hackers have somehow obtained the St. Louis Police Department dispatch tapes from the day that Michael Brown was shot. At around the 10-minute mark, the dispatcher begins talking about the Brown shooting. She takes other calls intermittently. Here is a list of the relevant material and when it occurs in the recording:

9:35: “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control . . .”

10:58: “Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn’t know any further. . .”

11:20: “We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting . . .”

11:30: “Be advised, this information came from the news . . .”

11:55: “We’re just getting information from the news and we just called Ferguson back again and they don’t know anything about it . . .”

20:00: “. . .destruction of property . . .”

21:55: “They are requesting more cars. Do you want me to send more of your cars?”

43:55: “Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time . . .”

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H/T: Mother Jones

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