Anonymous Hackers Know Who Really Killed Mike Brown

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The identity of the police officer who shot Michael Brown has not been released, so as to protect the safety of both him and his family. Now, the hacker group Anonymous has come forward and said that they are privy to the officer’s identity and will release his name to the public.

A core Anonymous member told Mother Jones’ Josh Harkinson, “I can only tell you that our source is very close personally to the officer who killed Mike Brown, and that this person is terrified to be our source.”

That source should not only be terrified, but filled with guilt. There is a reason that law enforcement has not released the identity of Mike Brown’s killer; namely, so that the thugs of St. Louis don’t decide to impart their street justice on him.

Anonymous is waiting on another source before they release the sensitive information.

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This comes two days after hackers shut down the Ferguson city website for much of Monday. Ferguson’s Chief of Police said that, in light of recent death threats, attacks on municipal websites would not change his decision to not release the officer’s name.

Even if the Anonymous hackers are bluffing or in possession of false information, the Chief’s standing firm may be for naught — The ACLU has threatened to sue the Ferguson police department if it does not release the name of the officer.

If Anonymous releases the name of the officer who shot Mike Brown, they are signing his death certificate. The mere notion that a white cop shot a black man caused St. Louis residents to riot in the streets, violently looting businesses without thought to who they could be hurting. Just like they did not consider the facts of the case before becoming violent then, they surely will not stop to think before enacting heinous vigilante justice on the cop who shot Brown, along with his family. Pray for those people.

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