An Open Letter To Tony Stewart Cynics

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To all opinionated, social media addicted Americans,

Speculation has been thrown about worse than crap in the chimpanzee exhibit at the zoo since the crash on Saturday night involving Tony Stewart. Here’s what we know:

  • Tony Stewart was driving the car.
  • Kevin Ward’s car spun and hit the wall.
  • Ward became very upset, so much in fact that it prompted him to get out of the car and walk onto the track with total disregard of the obvious danger as well as his life.
  • Stewart hit Ward with his car sending his motionless body hurling through the air in which injuries sustained eventually took his life.

Along with these facts, a video was released showing the incident at hand where Tony Stewart was seen revving the gas leading to much conjecture as to his intentions (trying to spray Ward with mud or avoid him entirely). The fact of the matter here people, is that we have no idea what happened in that car, nor do we know what Stewart was thinking.

Last we checked however, we lived in America where you, and everyone else, are considered innocent until proven guilty. There is no proof yet determining this reality to be false, nor should we inject ourselves into the matter in order to sway opinion on the matter.

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There is a certain threshold – or burden if you will – of proof that must be collected before criminal prosecutors can even file the charges against someone they believe to be in the wrong. Obviously this hasn’t happened, otherwise the news would be spiraling out of control on the matter in similar fashion to what it has been doing since Saturday – because of you.

We as Americans need to treat other’s the same way we would want to be treated, and let’s just say that this was an accident for argument’s sake, and you were the driver – wouldn’t you want to be thought of as innocent right out of the gate? Think with your heads, not your emotions and let the law do what you most certainly cannot – sort out the fact.

As the Ontario County Sherriff has recently announced, the investigation is anticipated to take another two weeks, so do the world a favor up until that point and keep your opinions and rhetoric to yourselves. It’s ok to have a logical and civilized discussion on the matter, but from the looks of things, those aiming at doing just that are unable to keep emotion on the sideline.

For those of you truly interested, keep your eye on the news, spread the facts and keep the biased speculations to yourself.


The Editors Of Mr. Conservative

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