Farrah Abraham’s New Career Is Just As Raunchy As Her Old One

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So what’s left for you once you’ve already been a reality star and a porn star? Apparently, just taking off your clothes for a few bucks.

Farrah Abraham, 23, is the newest addition to the sleazy personnel at the Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin, TX. She claims to be stripping in order to research a role, but ironically will not divulge what the role is.

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It’s sad that Abraham has degraded herself to such a level that she will never get attention – or a job – for anything other than taking her clothes off. What’s even more sad, is that she has a daughter who looks to her as an example. The example this washed up reality TV skank is setting for her little girl is that it’s ok to flaunt yourself like a piece of meat. What do you think of Farrah Abraham? Tell us in the comments section.




H/T: Daily Caller

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