BREAKING: Officer Who Killed Mike Brown Was Injured During Scuffle

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The riots in Ferguson, Missouri have no signs of stopping and with two conflicting stories ending in the death of a promising 18-year-old man, it’s no wonder why. According to recent reports however, a critical fact in the case was not released to the public but may be critical in swaying public opinion.

The narrative on the issue starts the same as Brown and a friend were walking down the center of the street when they were approached by police officers.

This is where the story splits.

According to police, when the officer told Brown to get off the road and onto a sidewalk, he argued against police prompting the officer to place him in his cruiser. Once inside, the two got into a scuffle where police report that Brown went for the officer’s gun and a round was discharged from within the car.

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However, the friend that was with Brown has a different story saying that when they were approached by the officer, they were met with a hostile attitude. When Brown was shot, his friend claims his hands were in the air, and he presented no direct threat to the officer whatsoever.

Newest reports however may hint that the timeline presented by the officer’s may be more accurate as the officer who shot and killed Brown is now saying he was injured during the scuffle at the time. According to KMOV, Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson, “said the officer ‘was hit’ and the ‘side of his face was swollen.’”

What do you guys think – could this be the missing key to the truth or is this just too convenient to be accurate? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this new information in the comments below.

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