Militarized Police Raid Innocent Elderly Woman’s Home

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This is one of the most polarizing videos out there which shows the militarization of law enforcement and how they are taking advantage of American citizens.

68-year-old Louise Milan had her home raided when police suspected her of making anonymous online threats against the Evansville police department and Chief Billy Bolin. Her adopted daughter was also present in the home at the time of the raid. It’s clear from very early on in the footage that the cops had pegged the wrong woman for the crime.

Milan and her adopted daughter were very polite and respectful of authorities throughout the exchange, despite having their property ruined and their lives put in danger.

At the end of the clip, after the SWAT team has terrified the elderly woman and her 18-year-old daughter, they are seen standing around inside the property making jokes. So funny I forgot to laugh.

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After an extensive search of Milan’s house and computer, law enforcement uncovered zero evidence to support their theory that she had made the threats. It boggles the mind that they were able to obtain a search warrant to raid her home in the first place, being that they had no evidence against her.

It was later found that a local gang leader, Derrick Murray, was the actual culprit. The FBI arrested him after finding that he had accessed Milan’s unsecured internet connection while living at his mother’s house.

Milan has filed a lawsuit against the city of Evansville. Attorneys for the city laughably maintain that law enforcement did the right thing and that the force used to execute the search warrant was “objectively reasonable”. I struggle to find anything “objectively reasonable” about forcefully breaking down the door of a senior citizen’s home with fully automatic assault rifles, but hey, that’s just me.

This video begs the question: Does the SWAT team really need to get involved over something as menial as online threats? Think of how many times people make stupid comments online which could be construed as threats when taken out of context. People say a lot of ridiculous things from behind the safety of their computer.

What would you do if your property was raided this way? Sound off in the comments section.

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