Stewart’s Last Near-Fatal Victim Wants Him Banned From Racing

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As the nation remains up in arms over NASCAR’s Tony Stewart and his part in the death of Kevin Ward Jr., some have a sour taste left in their mouth from the last time the famous driver visited Canandaigua, NY. Because it is the second consecutive year that Stewart was involved in a life-altering incident, the family of his last victim is calling for him to be banned from racing entirely.

Back in July of 2013, Stewart was moonlighting, as he always does, racing in a sprint car competition in Canandaigua, NY. During that time, he pushed 19-year-old Alysha Ruggles off the track resulting in a 15 car pileup.

Ruggles was hospitalized from the crash and it was later discovered that she had sustained a compression fracture in her back with initial reports suggesting she may never walk again. Luckily that wasn’t true, but the family hasn’t forgotten about Stewart’s last visit to upstate NY.


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Since hearing of Stewart’s latest incident, Greg Cooper, 44, – Alysha Ruggles’ uncle – says he wants the NASCAR driver banned entirely. “I’m upset because last year, Stewart did the same thing to my cousin, Alysha. He pushed her out of the way, broke her back and almost killed her,” Cooper relayed.

The uncle went on to say that Stewart pushed it too far this time allowing for his emotions to get the better of him resulting in the death of a potentially successful young man. “[Stewart] has the audacity to come back this year and thinks he could just push more people around — this time, it was stoning a kid with mud,” Cooper said.

He went on to add:

“Stewart did this on purpose. He saw Ward out there and wanted to say ‘screw you’ in some way. He was just too close and ended up hitting him. You could see his car do a little whiplash maneuver in the video if you watch it closely. It definitely looked like he was trying to splash mud all over Kevin Ward.

He’s responsible, plain and simple.’’


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Cooper then insisted that Stewart should be banned entirely from racing anywhere. In the mean time, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero explained that initial reports had no indication of criminal intent, but he later said on Tuesday that the investigation would take at least another two weeks.

What do you guys think – is this to be expected of a former Stewart victim, or dios Cooper bring a up valid point that the NASCAR driver keeps hurting people and needs to be stopped? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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