Despicable Mother Throws Baby In Trash With Tampon Applicator In Mouth

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In a truly enraging release, an Indiana mother was recently arrested after having thrown her newborn baby in the trash with a tampon applicator in it’s mouth. Despite the baby being found alive, the mother, Briana Holland, 22, is deservedly facing a slew of charges.

An employee at United Technology Carrier Corporation heard a noise on Friday evening coming from within the trashcan in a woman’s bathroom. Thinking it was an animal, the employee notified the building’s maintenance department who soon discovered the noise to be coming from a newborn baby.

According to the maintenance worker’s testimony, the baby was wrapped in two paper bags – one around its lower half, the other around its head. Upon removing the bag from the baby’s head, the employee was even more disturbed to find that toilet paper had been wrapped around the baby’s head and neck about 15 times.

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Once again, after removing the toilet paper that was wrapped around the baby’s head, the worker also removed a tampon applicator from the baby’s mouth. Upon freeing its airway’s it seems that the lack of oxygen, its plummeting body temperature and the blood loss from the severed umbilical cord was too much for the baby to handle and it fell unconscious and quit breathing.

The worker reportedly wrapped the baby in his shirt and began to thrust the baby’s back as he pinched closed the umbilical cord before eventually handing over the infant to a nurse. From there, the baby was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health and was brought back to life.

After police tracked down Holland, she simply explained that the father had recently left her and that she was scared. As if that’s not enraging enough, below is the transcript of Holland’s discussion with investigators that further show her lack of remorse for what she had done:

Detective: There is no way that the baby put that stuff in his mouth on his own.
Holland: I didn’t say anybody did that either.
Detective: How did it happen?
Holland: Maybe something was in the trash can. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was…
Detective: What did you put in his mouth?
Holland: I didn’t put anything in his mouth. All I was worried about was getting it in the trash can and covering it up before anybody…
Detective: “What did you think would happen to the baby?
Holland: I know what the results would probably be. It would probably die.
Detective: Is that what you wanted to happen?
Holland: I mean…I was confused. I didn’t know what I wanted to happen.
Detective: But you (knew) the baby would die?
Holland: Mmmmm. Hmmmm.
Detective: You were cool with that?
Holland: I’m never cool with anyone dying. I wasn’t expecting it to live. I threw it in the can.
Detective: Did you put the baby in there for a specific purpose for….You said that you would have assumed the baby would die, correct?
Holland: I mean, yeah. I assumed that’s what would have happened. That baby was put in there for hours.
Detective: So you knew that when you did that, so when you put him in there, that you took the assumption that the baby would probably die where you put him, correct?
Holland: Yes.

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