Michael Brown Jr. Social Media Page Reveals Extreme Racism Towards Whites

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A social media page attributed to Michael Brown Jr. reveals a hatred and disrespect for white people. Brown recently posted an image of a blonde girl that implies that she became “black” after having sex with a black man.

The picture features two images as “before and after” examples. The first is a clean cut blonde girl, and the second is a blonde girl with cornrows, meant to illustrate what happened to “Hayley” after she spent a night with a black man named “Daquan.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.42.37 PM

The disrespectful picture is even worse once you realize who the “before” image is. The clean cut picture is that of Eve Carson, an honors student at UNC Chapel Hill who was murdered in 2008 by two black thugs. The punks tried to rob her before they shot her in the head for absolutely no reason, besides her being a pretty white girl.

Of course, the case received very little mainstream media coverage since it featured a white girl being murdered by two black thugs.

Though it is unclear whether this page belongs to THE Michael Brown Jr.’s who was murdered in St. Louis, it would be incredibly ironic if it was. Imagine what the Libtards would say if their newest martyr for racism was exposed as a thug who enjoys poking fun at victims of racially motivated crimes.



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