Breaking: Police Reveal Exactly How Robin Williams Committed Suicide

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The Marin County Sheriff Department has finally released the grisly details of actor Robin Williams’ Monday morning suicide. According to The Blaze, the actor was found dead by his personal assistant in his bedroom just before noon. He had a belt around his neck, and was fully clothed.


The comedian was reportedly found in a sitting position, with one side of the belt wrapped around his neck and the other wedged between a closet door, causing him to asphyxiate. Rigor mortis had already set in when the assistant found him, meaning that he died between 12 and 18 hours beforehand.


Williams also had cuts on his wrists, and a pocketknife was found nearby, indicating that he had tried to slit his wrists before committing suicide. The knife found near his body contained traces of dried blood.

Williams was last seen alive by his wife, Susan Schneider, at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. She is the late comedian’s third wife. The couple married in 2011.


Schneider had left the Tiburon residence the next morning to run errands, thinking her husband was still asleep. His assistant showed up at the house later in the morning and got worried when no one answered the door.

Police are currently performing toxicology tests on the actor to see if he had been abusing alcohol or illegal substances in the weeks before his death. The reports are expected to take two to six weeks. Williams had previously struggled with both alcoholism and drug addiction, and he completed his most recent stint in rehab just a month prior to his untimely death.




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