Armed Citizens Defend Business Fronts From Rioting Missouri Blacks

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The riots in Missouri, if anything, prove exactly why the highly demonized “assault” rifles are a necessity for law abiding citizens in today’s day and age. As the town of Ferguson, Missouri has been thrust into chaos at the hands of those willing to take advantage of the death of another have their way, some citizens are banding together in quite the amazing way.

As you may have heard, an 18-year-old man by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officers over the weekend. Since that time, it has come to light that the man had his hands raised and presented no immediate threat to officers.


Outrage throughout the region, state and now country with the help of Al Sharpton, tensions are running high and riots are breaking out. As looters and rioters continue to destroy the country, police have been forced to step in to diffuse the situation with the use of tear gas and non-lethal beanbag rounds.

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As officer’s attention is diverted to where it’s needed most, business owners are feeling a bit exposed knowing the tornado of destruction could be headed to their front at a moment’s notice. As a result, business owners and friends are banding together to protect their property with AR-15s.

Owners of St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio, Mike Guiterrez and Adam Weinstein, are just two examples demonstrating the exact need for both the Second Amendment and high capacity capable rifles. As police weren’t able to immediately respond and save the many fronts they were alerted to, this is what gun grabbers seek to negate – the right for law abiding citizens to protect their property from criminals.


What do you guys think – did these guys overact by grabbing their guns and camping out in front of their business, or was this the responsible thing to do in order to protect their livelihood? Feel free to let us know which side you stand on in the comments below.

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