NASCAR Considering Significant Rule Changes After Stewart Crash

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As the nation continues to mull over the events of Saturday night in which NASCAR driver Tony Stewart ran over and killed 20-year-old sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr., it seems significant changes to the rules of NASCAR may be on the horizon. Apparently after much deliberation, those in charge at NASCAR are currently considering banning drivers from leaving their cars.

According to the Star Gazette, NASCAR’s officials will discuss the events that lead up to the death of Ward and if they were, at all, preventable. As many continue to argue that there is no possible justification as to why Ward got out of his car in the first place and put his life in danger, other’s don’t necessarily agree.

The other side seems to think that because of racers like Stewart and his obnoxious past of hot headedness, he has set the precedent by ultimately saying its “ok” to let your temper and anger get the better of you.

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NASCAR isn’t necessarily so keen on placing blame however as they explain their intent would be to squash the mentality outright thereby potentially saving lives in the future. NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp explained, “We always have discussions to become better. NASCAR has a history of looking at situations, and we’re not afraid to react to them.”

Now, these public temper tantrums have provided racing fans entertainment in the past, but its clear to see that no amount of entertainment is worth anyone’s life.

President of Texas Motor Speedway, Eddie Gossage, further echoed the cries of enraged fans saying, “That is just common sense to have a rule that says guys stay in your cars. Obviously safety trumps entertainment. We can joke and carry on about it, but safety, safety, safety. It’s a no-brainer in that regard.”

What do you guys think – is this a common sense rule that should have been implement long ago? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in comment below.

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