Riots Continue In The Wake Of Michael Brown Death, Police Deploy Tear Gas

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As the cover of darkness set once again in Ferguson, Missouri, the mischievous once again came out to play following the death of Michael Brown. As yet another peaceful demonstration evolved into riots, looking and the destruction of property, police were forced to diffuse the situation and even deployed the use of tear gas in an effort to do so.

You may have heard by now of the death of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot several times as he had his hands raised in surrender. After going for the officer’s gun, Brown reportedly took off running, but had his hands in the air as the officer approached with his weapon drawn and fired into the man several times.


Many in the community are upset that an officer blatantly murdered a defenseless black man that didn’t pose a threat and the community is starting to band together. As mob mentality takes over however, it isn’t long before what was intended to be a peaceful demonstration, turns into a looting fest with a store being burnt to the ground, as what happened over the weekend.

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Once again however, night fell upon the towna community forum hosted by the local NAACP chapter brought in quite the audience to the church at the location of Brown’s murder. During that time, National NAACP President Cornell William Brooks urged those within the community to, “turn your anger into action.” He went on to say, “To sneak around under the cover of darkness, to steal, to loot, to burn down your neighborhood – this does not require courage. Courage is when you strive for justice. Martin Luther King did not live and die so that we may steal and lie in the middle of the night.” Buze9jFCIAAM-De His words apparently fell upon deaf ears because after just a short while, the town was once again thrust into chaos Monday night. As a group gathered at the store they had burned down just the night before, their actions, once again, quickly became out of hand. (See also: Guess Who Will Be Representing Unarmed Black Teen Shot By Cop)

According to Ferguson police Chief Tom Jackson, the group began throwing rocks at officers who were forced to both defend themselves and put an end to the violence. To do that they dispersed the rowdy group by firing tear gas canisters into the crowd as well as non-lethal bean bag rounds.

Police Shooting Missouri

Needless to say, the group – which was slightly larger than the previous night – was successfully broken up and people did return home as per officer’s orders. The scene however was quite chaotic as a mix of screaming protesters, officers with guns up and the smoke of the tear gas mixed for full blown effect.

What do you guys think – in times of tragedy, why does society break down? Is this productive? Do authorities listen to peaceful demonstration? Let us know your thoughts on the entire ordeal by leaving us a comment below.


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