Hollywood Actor Slams Robin Williams For Committing Suicide

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In an obvious attempt to return to relevance, ’70s TV star Todd Bridges decided to kick Robin Williams while he’s down in a ridiculous rant.

According to TMZ, the Diff’rent Strokes actor called Williams’ suicide “a very selfish act.”

“You don’t think that my life has been hell and I’ve had so many ups and downs now,” Bridges said. “If I did that [,] what I’m showing my children [is] that when it gets tough that’s the way out [sic] No you gotta buckle down ask God to help you. That’s when prayer really comes into effect.”

Bridges ended the self-absorbed rant by saying, “Rest in peace Robin Williams I hope you found what you were looking for.”

Both Williams and Bridges starred in hit television series in the late ’70s and early ’80s. While Williams went on to become an Oscar winning movie star, Bridges quickly became a has-been whose latest claim to fame is an appearance on the short-lived Skating With Celebrities. Yikes.

My, my, someone sure is bitter! It’s alright, Todd. We’ve already forgotten about you, but Robin will live on forever!

What do you think? Does Todd Bridges have a point, or is he just some bitter has-been? Let us know in the comments below!


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