Trayvon Martin 2.0: Al Sharpton To Visit Rioting Community Where Cops Killed Black Man

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Over the weekend, police reportedly shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, who, according to eyewitness testimony had his hands raised in the air and did not present a threat. As a result, the community went up in arms over the matter leading a peaceful vigil into a riotous and looting crowd the destroyed a grocery store.

It appears as though this could be revamped version of the Trayvon Martin incident as now none other than Al Sharpton has announced his interjection into the matter saying he would be traveling to Missouri to speak with Brown’s parents. Sharpton, although only getting his facts from the mainstream media, has stated that the events of that night are nothing short of “disturbing” and has even prompted his intervention.

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As of now, police are still investigating the incident but initial reports state that a police cruiser approached Brown and an accomplice while they were walking up the middle of the street. After the officer ordered the men to walk on the street, they apparently became entangled in a verbal altercation where Brown was placed in the cruiser.


While speaking with the officer, Brown allegedly went after the officer’s service weapon where he then exited the vehicle and made an escape to flee. After being told to stop however, Brown reportedly put his hands up and was slowing while the officer fatally shot him.

Members of the community got together for a peaceful can light vigil which went off without a hitch before they decided to march together down the road. Police reportedly confronted the 1000+ member crowd before eventually fired off non-lethal rounds which sent the group into a panic. Before long, looting was taking place and an entire supermarket was eventually burned down entirely amongst the chaos.

What do you guys think – does Sharpton need to stick his nose into a situation like this again, or is this just another blatant attempt to further stuff his own pockets.

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