Transgender Couple Prepares To Tell Kids Of Their Sex Change

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A transgender couple from Kentucky are preparing to tell their two young sons that daddy is the one who actually gave birth to them, while mommy provided the sperm.

As reported by MailOnline:

Bianca and Nick Bowser are a happily married couple and live in Kentucky with their two young sons. Nick, 27, was born a girl, called Nicole, but for the last seven years has lived as a man. Bianca, 32, who is a drag artist, was born as a boy called Jason, and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago.


Nick became pregnant with Kai in 2010, as the couple still have the sex organs which they were born with. They cannot afford costly reconstructive surgery. He described the awkward experience of being a pregnant man:

“I didn’t enjoy it. I’m a man and it’s just not easy doing something so feminine, but I coped and we were both so happy when Kai came along. We always wanted Kai to have a sibling, and the second pregnancy was tough too. I had terrible morning sickness and I was really tired. When I had Kai I’d only recently transitioned, so I didn’t look so manly and people just thought Bianca and I were lesbians. But, when I was a pregnant with Pax, people were really staring at me, which made me feel very self-conscious. I couldn’t handle the whispering and pointing and by the time of the third trimester I couldn’t leave the house. I only left for doctor’s appointments. People are afraid of what they don’t understand.”


The deranged couple believes that somehow their children will have a “normal” upbringing because they will be loved and cared for.

Bianca has had a breast augmentation and laser hair removal. She commented:

“The kids currently have no idea. It’s not like strangers ever guess in restaurants or at the shops. I don’t know when we will start to tell them, maybe when Kai is around six, but they will need to be old enough to understand. It is important they know because it’s a big secret to keep from your children and if they found out another way they could hold huge resentment. But I don’t worry about how they will react. We will not treat it as a ‘bad’ thing. And young kids are accepting and nonjudgmental. Being transsexual doesn’t define who we are, just as being black or white or skinny or fat doesn’t define you either.”


Nick described his journey to becoming a man:

“I was born a girl, but I never felt female. I was a tomboy and wanted to dress in jeans and t-shirts. I came out as a lesbian when I was 17, but when I spoke to other lesbians they said they liked being a girl, whereas I hated it. My whole life I wanted to look like a boy. It was only when I was 20 that I found out about transgenderism and realised I’d been born in the wrong body.”

Bianca described a similar experience:

“I knew there was something different and effeminate about me. When I was 17 we had a school pageant and all the boys dressed in drag. I loved it. When I was 18 I started working as a drag act. I met lots of transgender entertainers and started transitioning myself.”

These children are nowhere near old enough to comprehend the fact that mommy is really daddy and vice versa. Burdening them with this knowledge at such an early age will surely confuse them.

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