Mainstream Media Blocking Out The Truth Regarding Tony Stewart’s Past

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There has been much discussion during the past few days regarding Tony Stewart and whether or not his actions lead to the death of a young man, but one thing is true – the mainstream media seems intent on making up the minds of Americans for them. By highlighting a few instances while suppressing others, the media has successfully demonized Stewart to the point of no return.

Those arguing against Stewart all seem to bring up the fact that Stewart is a notorious hot head and egotistical maniac that had the track record to prove it. Perhaps the most frequent talking point is the incident that occurred two years ago where Stewart got out of his car, onto the track and threw his helmet at a driver that was passing by.

After the incident, Stewart was quoted as saying, “I checked up twice not to run over him. And I learned my lesson there, and I’m going to run over him every chance I got until the end of the year. Every chance I got.”

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Now one thing is clear – Tony Stewart is an aggressive driver, but to take an action such as maliciously running someone over to the point of death, and insist that this was his intent is beyond asinine. According to USA Today’s Jeff Gluck, “I think he is an aggressive driver but not like that. I mean when they say an aggressive driver, maybe he is battling for position, or blocking a guy, but to take a guy out like that…I think that is a whole new level of classification,” – one in which would be extremely difficult to believe.

Stewart however isn’t this big bad wolf character that the mainstream media would like to paint him as. In fact, as we previously reported, Sporting News explains:

[H]e’s also known for having a big heart. When he won the Nationwide Series race in February 2013 at Daytona International Speedway, where more than 30 fans were injured from flying debris from a late crash, he was somber in victory lane and went unannounced to the hospital to visit the injured fans. Many people in the garage have stories of his generosity.

As we here at Mr. Conservative are dedicated to being the voice of our readers, and determined to expose that in which the mainstream media seems to adamant on concealing, we’ve dug up a few truths about Stewart that some would rather you just not know about.

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Take for instance the fact that he has his own foundation that raises money for kids and injured drivers. According to the Tony Stewart Foundation website, “The mission of the Tony Stewart Foundation is to raise and donate funds to help care for children diagnosed with critical or chronic illness, animals which are at-risk or endangered, and for drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.”

He’s made countless donations to other organizations in need and has participated in several other charity races all in the name of helping out those less fortunate than himself. Donating $10,000 to build a park for children and even a scooter to the handicapped just goes to further prove what kind of a man Tony Stewart really is.

Of course, you’ll never hear any of this from the lame – I mean mainstream media.

What do you guys think – does Stewart have a bad rap or is his reputation justified?

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