Mother Of Thug Who Stabbed 9-Yr-Old To Death Apologizes

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12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn will be tried as an adult in juvenile court for an incredibly heinous act which he committed for no apparent reason on a Michigan playground. As 9-year-old Michael Connor Verkerke played with his two brothers on August 4, Lawhorn appeared and stabbed the boy four times in the back, killing him. Strangely, Lawhorn called police directly after he committed the murder to turn himself in.


Victim: 9-year-old Michael ‘Connor’ Verkerke

The parents of both Lawhorn and Verkerke are horribly distraught. Lawhorn’s mother, Anita Lawhorn, has apologized profusely to the Verkerke’s, saying, “Words cannot express what I’m going through. And I can’t imagine having to feel that type of loss so soon, so sudden. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for them.”

The Verkerke’s have shown a commendable level of forgiveness, graciously accepting Anita Lawhorn’s apology.


Murderer: 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn

Jamarion Lawhorn is clearly a young sociopath. He did not know Verkerke prior to the attack and he showed absolutely no remorse afterwards. The harrowing police report of what occurred after the homicide is quite shocking. Kentwood police officer Darrin Cline reported in detail of what happened when Anita Lawhorn arrived at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hospital to be with her son:

She kept asking him why he did this, why he would stab a little boy, how he would feel if that had been someone else doing this to his sisters. He had a stone-faced expression while his mother told him that he was going to be in a lot of trouble and that the boy had passed away. Lawhorn’s expression softened slightly when his mother was telling him that he was going to be gone for a long time facing the consequences of his actions. She told him that the next time he would set foot in her house would be when he is a grown man.

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Cline also reported that he paid close attention to the hospital monitors during the exchange between the Lawhorn boy and his mother. There was no change in the boy’s heart rate or blood pressure, even as he was told that he would be sent away for a long time for killing Verkerke.

Do you think Jamarion Lawhorn is a sociopath, or the victim of a lousy upbringing? Give us your take on this report in the comments section.

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