Video Proves Stewart Did Everything In His Power To Avoid Fellow Driver

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As you have undoubtedly heard by now, Tony Stewart was involved in quite the wreck over the weekend that resulted in the death of a 20-year-old driver.   As we here at Mr. Conservative are dedicated to being a voice for our readers, we thought we’d bring a bit of reason to the argument.

There were many thing’s seen and speculated on regarding the night’s events that some claim to be common sense deductions, but we’re going to objectively take a peek at the video and analyze it part by part. First however, there are a few things you should know to get a better grasp on the incident that can’t be seen in the video.

When driving in a stock car, peripheral vision is about non-existent and the track is very short. Given the curves on the track, the driver is forced, if they want to maintain their high speeds, to drift (or drive sideways) in order to overcome the turn only leaving anticipation to rely on.

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Now, there is no evidence that Stewart even made contact with Ward, but the 20-year-old driver was nonetheless ticked off with Stewart directly and got out of his car on a dimly lit track. Despite the fact that Ward was in dark clothing, he still marched across the track to publicly make a spectacle toward Stewart.

As viewers watch the video, it clear to see that Ward was narrowly missed by the first driver that went flying by. After this occurred, he took another two steps forward, into the land of traffic which eventually lead to the overall catastrophe. Those who have been to a dirt track or drive a stock car will be the first to tell you, you steer with the throttle.

Being that this is the case, Stewart was heard in the video thromping on the throttle in order to swing his car away from Ward, but wasn’t able to do so successfully. There were caution flags being waved, but on a slick, muddy track, 20-30 mph could still end in disaster – the fact that Stewart was on the gas is only indicative that he would have rather avoided Ward entirely.

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The track in Canandaigua is actually rather small and nowhere near resembles that of a NASCAR track so nothing operates the way it would in a race as seen on TV or even how it would occur with a car on the road. The fact of the matter is, Ward had no reason to get out of his car and risk his life – it was simply his emotions getting the better of him.

Just like if a deer were to jump out in front of a driver on the road, this was the similar case for Stewart except he may have had even less time to react. The fact that he was behind another driver, only furthers the point that Stewart had little visual evidence that Ward was on the track anyways.

Since the accident, Stewart has come forward to express his condolences saying, “There aren’t words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr.” The video, in its current form, only goes to show that this was nothing more than terrible accident in which a blatant attempt was made to avoid it.

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