Entitled Woman Gets Exactly What’s Coming To Her!

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This video shows an entitled woman try to game the system, and fail miserably. People have waited on line for hours to get an iPhone, but minutes before the store opens a woman walks up trying to pay someone $800 for their spot in the front of the line. Why? Because she has a plan!

The woman wants to buy $16,000 worth of iPhones so that she can sell them on Ebay. After paying a young man for his spot, she proudly walks into the store ahead of everyone who waited patiently and demands all the iPhones they have in stock.

Her plan is thwarted when she is told that they enforce a strict “one phone per person” limit. Her face is priceless when she realizes she wasted all that money for nothing!

Meanwhile, the young man who’s spot she took ends up getting a phone anyway, courtesy of this foolish woman. Now THAT’S some instant karma!

H/T: Mr. Conservative

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