Lying Libs Show Their True Colors When Illegal Hypocrisy Is Exposed

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There is a growing problem here in America as countless illegals continue to break our nation’s laws and come into our country illegally. As the inaction of Obama has allowed for them to become quite brazen, a few of them decided to have a little protest against the work conditions they’re forced to work under.

Now, there is no reason that anyone should have to work under slave like conditions, but the context in which they argue is laughable at best. According to these illegal immigrants who broke our nation’s laws and are criminals by any standard, they are being treated unfairly by their employers.

The question here is though, if they’re here illegally, and obtained employment illegally, are they covered under the law of the United States as far as working conditions go? Apparently they think so, but one bystander did not.

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The man, although was undoubtedly being nothing more than obnoxious, began shouting that his room needed to be cleaned, but it wasn’t what he was doing that was so spectacular. After a few outbursts, the man was met by several liberals who began to threaten and physically attack the man because of what he was saying.

When an officer arrived, the Liberal women even went so far as to say the man had made threats in an attempt to have him removed. This video shows exactly what Liberal ideology stands for – everyone is covered under the United States law as long as your beliefs align with theirs.

As proven by this video – even illegals have First Amendment rights, but the second you start to talk out against potential Democratic voters, well, that just crosses a line. What do you guys think – who was more wrong here?

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