NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart’s Temper Surfaces Again, Hits And Kills Driver

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Tony Stewart has always been known amongst the racing world as having the hottest of heads – but what he did last night may just end his career for good. After spinning a driver, Kevin Ward Jr, off the track, the enraged driver got out in an attempt to call out Stewart, but Stewart hit him with his car killing the man.

The incident occurred on a local track in Canandaigua, NY where drivers were racing stock cars and the graze between vehicles occurred. Stewart is known for letting his temper get the best of him and driving overly aggressive often times leading to crashes.

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This occurrence was nonetheless difference, but as the driver who Stewart had forced off the track exited his vehicle, instead of getting off the track, he instead went toward where cars were flying by to scream at Stewart as he was passing by while pointing his finger. Stewart then hit Ward sending his body flying through the air.


Ward was taken to a hospital in serious condition and later died from his injuries.

So far, Stewart has had no charges filed against him.

What do you guys think – should this madman be allowed to continue racing after showing the disregard he has for fellow driver’s lives?

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