Sarah Palin’s Latest Gig Is Making Liberal Heads Spin

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RadarOnline broke the news this week that Sarah Palin is one of the contenders to be the next co-host of The View. An insider revealed:

“Sarah has been in talks with The View to become a part of the cast as the voice of the far right. During talks, it was brought to Sarah’s attention that mainstream Americans haven’t heard from her in a while, despite her appearances on Fox News. Being very media savvy, Governor Palin decided to launch a video channel as a way to engage with more Americans, and prove to network executives that she can create buzz.”

Apparently, the only reason network execs haven’t signed her on already, is because they’re not sure how she’ll work her schedule between filming in New York and her business in Alaska, her home state. The source continued:

“The one sticking point in the talks is how much time she will have to spend in New York City and away from her native Alaska. She has proposed that she work three weeks a month in NYC, and then go back to Alaska. During sweeps, she would of course not take time off.”

Many are saying that Sarah Palin would be just the ticket to get people interested in the daytime talk show once again. Everyone, that is, accept Rosie O’Donnell, who appears to be jealous of Palin’s spotlight. The source divulged the juicy details:

“The lame stream media continuing to hammer away at Sarah only helps her to get the job! Whenever Sarah opens her mouth, it creates controversy, and that is exactly what ABC needs to get The View back on track. Whoopi Goldberg has given her seal of approval for the hire, but Rosie O’Donnell isn’t sold on it. She is concerned that Palin is just too controversial, and the show will become all about her.”

Indeed, the cast of the leftwing show seems to be as fed up with it as audiences are. The View lost three of it’s co-hosts in just this year alone.

The only thing in this world that could persuade me to tune into that annoying roundtable discussion between some of Hollywood’s most insatiable liberals is if I knew Sarah Palin was going to be present to put the smack down on their idiocy.

The thought of Palin and Whoopi Goldberg at the same table discussing politics is pretty crazy, don’t you think? Tell us if you want Sarah Palin on The View in the comments section!

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