Palin Slams Obama, Reveals Plan To Fix Immigration

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Many conservatives believe Obama caused the immigration crisis by giving individuals south of the border the impression that if they make the dangerous journey from their land to ours, they will instantly be granted amnesty and everyone will live happily ever after. Parents from South America gladly send their little darlings off with whatever sketchy character is currently masquerading as a safe escort for the journey, hoping their children reach the land of milk and honey so they can spend the rest of their lives eating jellybeans and pooping rainbows.

The reality of the situation is obviously much different. For all of the illegal children who actually make it into the United States, imagine how many more don’t. Imagine how many succumb to the elements or are captured by a human trafficker. Welcoming illegal aliens with open arms is clearly not the answer to this problem. Sarah Palin understands this and she also has a plan to right the ship. She explained exactly what needs to be done to fix the immigration crisis on a segment of her new show.

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1. Congress must undo Obama’s executive order.

As Palin explains, any bill dealing with immigration should have to pass through Congress. This should be “non-negotiable”. Obama should never take advantage of executive action when it comes to the very controversial subject of immigration. Congress needs to nip this in the bud, as Ted Cruz proposed.

2. Send ’em back where they came from!

This part of the plan should include lots of media coverage to be aired in South American countries across the board. The same way word spread that illegal immigrants would be granted amnesty, we need to spread the word that if you send your children to the United States, we will send them right back to you. Return to sender.

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What the Democrats don’t seem to understand, is the fact that this is the only humane way to deal with what they deemed a “humanitarian crisis”. Allowing illegals into the United States essentially condones the treacherous means by which they come here, at the same time taking jobs away from American citizens and wreaking havoc on our society in countless other ways.

If the Democrats want to help people, they should start by helping those in our own country. God knows there are enough poor and downtrodden folks in the United States these days to keep them busy. As Palin says, “Charity starts at home.”

Sarah Palin doesn’t think we need to implement Barack Obama’s costly immigration bill. As she puts it, “The only expenditure that Congress needs to authorize is for the jet fuel to fly [illegal immigrants] home immediately.” Do you agree with her? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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