A Mother’s Epic Revenge After Catching Husband Molesting Daughter

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A Washington state mother caught her husband molesting their 7 year-old daughter, and what she did next is shocking. Instead of going to police, 40 year-old Tatanysha Hedman doused her husband in gasoline as he slept and lit him on fire.

According to The Blaze, security cameras captured Hedman buying gasoline from a gas station during the day. Hours later, her husband Vincent Phillips is shown running into the same gas station begging for help. The 52 year-old pedophile was able to put himself out, but his burns were severe enough that he was admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital. He was later arrest on sexual assault charges for molesting his daughter.

As for Hedman, she was arrested on assault and arson charges and remains in jail to this day. Despite this punishment, the mother seems to have no regrets over what she’s done.

When asked why she didn’t just shoot her husband, she told police that would have been “too nice” a punishment for his crime.

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