Girl Punches Malia Obama at Drug-Fueled Rager


August 7, 2014 2:24pm PST

Malia Obama had a wild time last weekend as she partied at Lollapalooza, but the fun seems to have gotten a little out of hand. According to Breitbart, a young woman named Satina has come forward saying she punched the president’s daughter during the crazy concert. Watch the video here.

“I was there with my friends and she was right by me, and I saw her, and I was like ‘that girl looks looks so familiar.’ So I punched her in the shoulder and I said ‘how do I know you, you look so familiar,'” Satina told reporters.

“She smiled at me and then walked away. Then I saw a secret service guy behind her and it hit me, like I just punched the presidents daughter.”

Unfortunately, Satina did not get a chance to punch Malia’s horrible parents, since Michelle and Barry were nowhere to be found while their 16 year-old attended the drug-fueled binger. It may seem surprising that the young teen was in the middle of a wild crowd unsupervised, but what more can you expect from parents like the Obamas?


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