Activists Protest School For Hiring White Teacher

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Despite the many claims that reverse discrimination is nonexistent, a recent case has proven the detrimental and long term effects that affirmative action has had on society. Feeling empowered by the frequent Liberal cries of racism, activists have taken to protesting a school for simply hiring a white teacher.

The Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School is set to open in Fresno, California in the near future, but some in the community aren’t too happy. Since hiring a white teacher, community and church leaders have taken to demanding Fresno Unified School District to rescind the position offered and instead give it to a black teacher.

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How sweet.

The protest was lead by Rev. Karen Crozier who gave a speech in front of the dastardly school denouncing the school for committing such an atrocity. Feel free to watch it above and let us know what you think – is this racism at its finest? Would blacks feel the same if the tables were turned?

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