Democrat Candidate Calls Veteran “Un-American:” Gets Owned

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Erin Bilbray, a Nevada congressional candidate, was a guest on the Ralston Reports when she called a veteran “un-American.” This turns out to be a big mistake when host Jon Ralston gives her a lesson on what it means to be a patriot.

Village idiot Bilbray tells Ralston that Rep. Joe Heck, a 9/11 first responder and U.S. Army Reservist, is “un-American” because he called her a “liberal activist, fundraiser, and Democratic spin-doctor” in a campaign email. Nevermind that Bilbray admits that she is all of these things, she still thinks it’s un-American!

She goes even further when she calls out Heck for sexism as well, saying he didn’t welcome her to the race kindly because she is a woman.

Ralston can only take so much of her psycho-babble, and eventually he lays into her. He says that she can’t call someone un-American for telling the truth, and adds that it’s pathetic that she is trying to play the gender card in this situation.

The video ends with the liberal whack-job sitting there speechless after her idiocy has been exposed.

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