“Skeletor Ghost” Supermodel Sparking Nationwide Outrage

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GAP, the clothing store, is facing quite a bit of backlash after advertising a plaid dress using a model who many are saying appear malnourished. Taking to social media, many people nationwide have attacked GAP for using the “skeletor ghost” model as she doesn’t resemble anywhere close to that of the average person.

Advertising the dress for $59.99, the clothing giant wrote, “Dress up your days in pastel plaid. #since1969,” – little did they know they were in for a big surprise. Before long, their twitter account was lit up with rage as many people spoke out about the freakishly thin model used to promote their attire.

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“Look at the size of her head in proportion to her cadaver like body. Shame on you!” one user tweeted. Another went on to echo the first’s concerns writing, “Seriously, @Gap? In what world do people look like this? Perhaps you could select models who represent regular gals & not a skeletor ghost.”

Not only were users upset with the unrealistic appearance of the model deemed good enough by GAP, but the woman’s health overall. One outraged viewers stated, “This picture is terrifying, looks like she needs a hamburger and some sunlight.”

While some went so far as to call the woman a “clammy Amish morlock,” “zombie,” and even a “concentration camp inhabitant,” some came swooping to her defense. One tweeter asked, “Why is everyone so quick to call a skinny woman anorexic?” while another added, “It’s just as hurtful as telling a fat person to diet.”


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After being approached by Today, GAP spokesperson Edie Kissko said, “[Gap’s intention] is always to celebrate diversity in our marketing and champion people for who they are. Customer feedback is important to us and we think this is a valuable conversation to learn from.”

They have yet to take down the photo.

What do you guys think – is this woman way to thin? Does she present an unrealistic ideal for women to shoot for? Could she honestly just be naturally that skinny? Feel free to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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